Twitch Badge Collector extension user guide.

This Guide written based on the v1.4.8 version.


Extension Setting


If you click the program in the upper right extension of the browser, you can see a pop-up screen for various settings as shown above.

Chat Position

The Chat Position option on the pop-up screen allows you to set the position of the chat room to the top or bottom.

Ratio Setting

You can adjust the proportion of the chat room by dragging the dividing line created in the chat room.

Copied Chat Display Method

- Copy chats from UI

This option is a way to copy Twitch chats as-is. Recommend that you use this method in most cases.

- Insert Chat Client

If the Copy chats from UI method does not work properly, you can choose this method.

This method creates a twitch chat client and then inserts an chat room logged in anonymous.

If you are having trouble using the Copy chats from UI method, use this method.

Chat client language setting

You can set the language of various messages coming out of the chat client with the Language option on the pop-up screen.

Chat client theme setting

You can set the background color of the chat client with the Chat Window Theme option on the pop-up screen.
Default is set to Auto.
It doesn’t follow the Twitch theme settings, so you’ll have to change the theme manually through the settings if necessary.

Chat client font size setting

You can set the chat font size of the chat client with the ‘Font Size’ option on the popup screen.
Regardless of the font setting of the Twitch chat room, it only applies to the chat client of the extension.

Filter setting

Filter Type

Filters can use ID, Badge, and Keyword filters.

ID Filter

You can filter by username or nickname in Twitch chat.

Badge Filter

You can filter badges in Twitch Chat.
Badges can only be added via the Badge Search on the filter settings page.
Enter a channel name in Badge Search, then click Search to view badges for that channel.
If you omit the channel name and click the search button, a list of Twitch global badges is displayed.

Keyword Filter

You can filter text in twitch chats.
Works if keywords in the keyword filter are included in the chat.
Keywords are not case-sensitive.

Filter condition

There are three types of filter conditions: Include, Exclude, and Sleep.

If set to include, chats are copied; if set to excluded, those chats are not copied.

ID filter -> badge filter -> keyword filter order.

If the ID filter is set to “Exclude”, the rest of the badge and keyword filters are ignored.

Change Filter condition

You can change the conditions of the filter in order by clicking the condition part of the filter list.

Remove Filter

You can delete filters using Delete Selection and Delete All below the filter list.

Backup Filter

You can download the filter list as a tbc file by pressing the File Backup button.

Set Filter from backup file

You can apply the tbc file with the file upload button.

Replay Chat (VOD, Clip)

You can adjust the chat window size in settings.

Font size, background color, and language settings are set the same as in the chat client.

The location of the chat window cannot be set.